Birthday Dinner at Forage
Salt Lake City, November 20, 2012

We convened at Forage in Salt Lake City for a joint celebration of a "significant" birthday. The friendly staff answered our numerous questions about the unusual preparations, and co-owner Viet Pham visited our table to chat about Forage, and about favorite restaurants in the San Francisco bay area. Not every dish was something one could imagine eating frequently, but there were enough winners to call it a success.

Cider - Savory apple ciderCider - Savory cider with herbed whipped cream

Buckwheat - Crispy buckwheat squareBuckwheat - Crispy square, creme fraiche, trout roe

Onion - puff filled with caramelized onion and cream (?)Onion - delicate puff, caramelized onion, cream

Soft Scrambled Egg with maple and chivesSoft Scrambled Egg with maple and chives

Sunchoke under charred oak leavesSunchoke under charred oak leaves

Sunchoke stuffed with yogurtSunchoke stuffed with yogurt detail

Delicious rustic breadDelicious rustic bread

Celery Ice (sorbet) and Celery Root (slivers and foam)Celery Ice (sorbet) and Celery Root (slivers and foam)

Leaves with roasted chicken vinaigretteLeaves with roasted chicken vinaigrette

Tartare of elk heartElk heart tartare, sliced turnips, dried mushrooms

Kohlrabi and AppleKohlrabi and Apple

Lightly smoked trout, grilled cabbage, and chive buttermilk sauceLightly smoked (but mostly raw) trout

Trout and cabbage detailTrout and cabbage detail

Roasted beets with stewed pumpkinRoasted beets with stewed pumpkin

Roasted carrots with braised porkRoasted carrots with braised pork

Pine sorbet and woodruff scented puffsPine sorbet and woodruff scented puffs

Baked apples, acorns, acorn milkBaked apples, acorns, acorn milk

Pistachios from Hurricane, whipped cream and lemon curdPistachios from Hurricane, whipped cream, lemon curd

Chocolate and caramel rocksChocolate and caramel rocks

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