Appreciation Dinner at Baumé
Palo Alto, February 24, 2011

From apple foam to carrot flan, from a Bergamot-scented fog machine to vanilla snow, Baumé served up one surprise after another. With the leisurely pace, there was no need (and no room) for more than the eight courses (and various little extras) offered on the Menu Gastronomique. The servers promptly answered our questions when the general information was insufficient, and the room had a spare elegance and pleasant hushed quality that allowed us to enjoy one another's company.

Would we go again? Not regularly, but when we were in the mood for adventure. Until then, we can enjoy these photos.

Savory bon bon with misoAmuse: Savory bon bon with miso

Carrot lime sponge breadCarrot lime sponge bread

Gently cooked asparagus with salmon roe and leek ashGently cooked asparagus

Soft-cooked '62 degree' egg with sunchoke puree and potato croquettesSoft-cooked '62 degree' egg

Seared foie gras with apple trio (foam, gelee, puree)Seared foie gras with apple trio

Vegetable bisque with Dungeness crab and daikon foamVegetable bisque with crab

Halibut cooked sous vide with citrus mousse, curried greens, and curried kabocha squashHalibut sous vide with curried squash

Bergamot-scented fog machineBergamot-scented fog machine

Grass-fed filet mignon with Bergamot reduction and carrot flanGrass-fed filet mignon

Cheese course: Gruyere with beets and watercressGruyere, beets and watercress

Caramel bon bon with sea saltCaramel bon bon with sea salt

Vanilla snow over rum raisin stuffVanilla snow over rum raisin stuff

Orange madeleines in 72% Valrhona chocolateOrange madeleines in chocolate

Tiny chocolate cake with a raspberry sauce balloonChocolate cake with raspberry

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