Chowdown at Ancient Szechuan (Happy Golden Bowl)
El Cerrito, February 2, 2013

We gathered at Ancient Szechuan (until recently known as Happy Golden Bowl) for the fiery heat and numbing spices of Sichuan. Divided between two tables, we sampled a wide variety of items, some excellent, some just pretty good. Check out the discussion on Chowhound: CHOWDOWN REPORT: Happy Golden Bowl in El Cerrito.

Braised Duck with Hot SauceBraised Duck with Hot Sauce

Wok-Charred CabbageWok-Charred Cabbage

Boiled Fish Fillets with Flaming ChilliesBoiled Fish Fillets with Flaming Chillies

Green Onion PancakeGreen Onion Pancake

Pork Shoulder with Red DatesPork Shoulder with Red Dates

Pan-fried Sesame PancakePan-fried Sesame Pancake

Sichuan Home Style Chicken (cold plate)Sichuan Home Style Chicken (cold plate)

Dry Sauteed String BeansDry Sauteed String Beans

Rolled Bean Curd with Cucumber (cold plate)Rolled Bean Curd with Cucumber (cold plate)

Hand-Shaved Noodles with PorkHand-Shaved Noodles with Pork

Steamed Lamb in Bamboo Baskets (double order)Steamed Lamb in Bamboo Baskets (double order)

Pancake with Sweet Red Bean FillingPancake with Sweet Red Bean Filling

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