The Pupusa Lesson

San Jose, March 13, 2010 — We joined Ed Burdine for a lesson in shaping and eating pupusas with a variety of fillings. Thanks!

Tomatoes and JalapenosTomatoes and jalapenos for salsa

Tortilla ChipsMi Pueblo tortilla chips

Deviled EggsAnn's Deviled Egg Appetizer

Deviled EggsAnn's Deviled Egg Appetizer

Corn MasaCarefully measuring out the masa

Baking PowderHeaping TBSP of baking powder

SaltA touch of salt

Hot WaterBlending in hot water

Pupusa DoughPupusa dough ready to fill

Pupusa FillingFilling a big one

Loroco FlowersMysteriously fragrant Loroco blossoms

Shaping PupusasShaping pupusas into flat discs

Frying PupusasPupusas frying in a dry pan

Bean PupusaBean-filled pupusa

Pork PupusaDouble-stuff pork and cheese pupusa

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