Chowdown at Zen Peninsula
Millbrae, October 11, 2012

We gathered at Zen Peninsula to debate the merits of its sticky rice-stuffed chicken and other topics of local interest while discreetly sipping sake from soup bowls (thank you VLo!). The verdict? Check out the discussion on Chowhound: Chowdown at Zen Peninsula.

Marinated Platter - Assorted challenging items and fried tofuMarinated Platter - Assorted challenging items

Classic BBQ porkClassic BBQ pork

Zen's Roast Pork (pork neck) sprinkled with crushed peanutsZen's Roast Pork (pork neck) with crushed peanuts

Sticky rice-stuffed chicken (special order)Sticky rice-stuffed chicken (special order)

Lettuce sauteed with (a tiny amount of) shrimp pasteLettuce sauteed with (a tiny bit of) shrimp paste

Eggplant with garlic sauce in a clay potEggplant with garlic sauce in a clay pot

Scallops in egg whites with lobster bitsScallops in egg whites with lobster bits

Golden (egg yolk) kabocha friesGolden (egg yolk) kabocha fries

Honey-smoked Chilean (oops) sea bassHoney-smoked Chilean (oops) sea bass

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